"Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire."
Anatole France

February 2016

By Vinnie on 2-04-2016

Happy New Year to all! Here’s what’s been happening in Arusha over the past few months… Christmas Blandina and Otto did a fantastic job of managing the pre-Christmas rush. Thanks to their careful work, it has been ensured that all the children have a safe place to stay during the holiday, with a few students spending […]

September 2015

By Vinnie on 1-04-2016

Hello everyone! LOTS has been happening over the past few months, we can’t wait to tell you all about it. Vinnie and Mary recently returned from a trip to Arusha, to celebrate both Shepherds and Haradali graduations, and also to work on some big developments within the academic and pastoral care aspects of the programme. […]

April 2015

By Vinnie on 1-04-2016

Hi there everybody! Well another few months have passed and we have had even more developments in Arusha. Haradali and Shepherds The children are all on their Easter holidays and have gone back to their respective families & homes for the next week. Shepherds Secondary school had one week off over the public holidays and […]

January 2015

By Mary on 27-01-2015

Hi everyone!! All the children are now back at school & well into their first term. A big congratulations to our 2 new secondary school students – Flora Ezekial & Faraja Jophert. Well done girls! Haradali Pre & Primary School had their 10year anniversary celebrations on the 10th of this month. We are very proud […]

December Newsletter

By Mary on 27-01-2015

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2015. Here’s our latest newsletter – click subscribe at the top if you want to receive regular updates! http://us8.campaign-archive2.com/?u=972f9f87597a08e0c5e0202c9&id=b1d91845b3 ACE Newsletter – December 2014 us8.campaign-archive2.com  

November 2014

By Mary on 12-11-2014

Hi there Everyone, It’s been a pretty busy few months, here’s a quick catch up to what is going on at the moment. Our website is currently under construction – time to update! So thanks for your patience and understanding about the lack of updates here. You should still be receiving email updates and seeing […]

April/May 2014

By Mary on 26-05-2014

Hi there, April and May have been busy months, with primary school children having a holiday and secondary having a break for a few days over Easter then back to school. Technology issues at this end have meant a delay in communications but we’re back on track now! The past 3 months have been very […]

March 2014

By Mary on 3-04-2014

Hi there! Thanks for all your patience; March was a busy month so here’s our latest updateJ Michael and Victor Nichodemu are a month into their QT (qualifying Certificate) classes for form 1-4, a two year course. Their teacher had great things to say especially about Michael’s study and work ethic, mentioning that he studies […]

Looking back over the past 3 months…

By Mary on 27-02-2014

ACE became officially registered in Tanzania, providing us with a solid legal ground to work in Arusha with the schools and the children. This also provides security for Blandina within her job, and a much safer environment for all of us to assist and empower these wonderful kids become the best people they came be! […]

20th February

By Mary on 20-02-2014

Rain rain rain! It’s the last week I’ll be here in Arusha before I return to NZ, so if anyone has specific requests or questions please email:) Last Saturday Blandina had another meeting with the children at Haradali about how long each of their items should last (e.g. sheets, trunks, mattresses etc) as we have […]