Delivering the Goods

Hi there all.

We are very pleased to announce the completion of  presentations and delivery of some of the Ride To Read resources that we were able to purchase and provide with your most generous donations, from our Tour Aotearoa ride in January this year.

After much negotiation, and then hard work and sorting by Blandina, Tusime, and Glory, large quantities of books across many genres, classroom supplies such as chalks, pens and pencils, paints etc., and recreational games and puzzles were all delivered last week. Three schools in particular benefited, and we have a close relationship with all of them, with ACE students in attendance at all three schools.

Shepherds Junior                             Years 1-7              (Ages 5–12 approx)

Haradali Primary                               Years 1-7              (Ages 5-12 approx)

Haradali Winners Secondary       Forms 1-4            (Ages 13 – 16 approx)


All three campuses were overjoyed to receive such treasure, and it was indeed a special day, with extra resource now available to the whole school, not just ACE students.


Heartfelt thanks come your way from all of us for your generosity. Eight  years in to the administration of our educational programme in Arusha, the generosity of others is always overwhelming, and the difference a small gesture can make in the lives of those receiving it is a great reward to see. More photos are also available on the ACE FB page


Once again, many thanks,