Sponsorship within the ACE programme is a long term committment.

The main objective of the programme is two fold:

  1. To combine each student with a sponsor or sponsors  who will see them through primary school, ( Grades 1-7) and then if the student progresses satisfactorily,  also through secondary school. (Grades 1-4, and if possible, then grades 5 & 6 for advancement to University.)
  2. To enable the provision of emergency funds through student unaffiliated support or donations  to cover emergency medical situations, additional admininstartion and vehicle costs, and to assist if  sponsors strike difficulties and default on payment.

A sponsorship  covers all or some of  the following:

Addtional costs are as follows and all contributions are welcome:

Depending on the school, and the age of the student , a years tuition can vary from USD 850 to USD 2000 (for boarding). What we do is endeavour to match up a students  needs with the best available sponsor, and supplement also with additional fundraising.

FEES 2018

(All prices are estimated per year per child)

Day Student Grade 1-7 : 850USD
Boarding Student Grade 1-7 : 1500USD
Boarding Student Form 1-4 : 2000USD

Optional Contributions

Supplies Contribution Grade 1-7 : 200USD
Supplies Contribution Form 1-4 : 300USD
Extra Tuition Contribution : 150USD
School Trip Contribution : 100USD
Christmas Fund Contribution : 50USD

A contribution to Blandina’s salary and the Christmas Fund is welcomed, but not compulsory.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please contact Vinnie or Mary Duncan at vinnie@duncan-nz.com or maryduncan2@gmail.com.

Sponsorships can be done in full, half or even quarters, all depending on how much you, the sponsor, can afford to pay.


The ACE students   have sponsors from all over the world.  Having such a broad sponsor base offers a multicultural experience for the children, as many sponsors and their associates travel to and from Arusha, and in doing so maintain contact with their sponsor child or children. The students get to know each other through attendance at the same schools, and through the close ‘family’ network structure that ACE provides by having a small, personal programme. Frequent correspondence is encouraged, and letters and photos are distributed by email to all participants.


We currently have several students on our urgent waiting list. They are all  in desperate need of sponsorship because they are either orphans, in difficult family situations, or living in such poverty that education is just not an option. In some cases their current sponsors have either defaulted or are unable to meet the full committment, and would like to ‘share’ a sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a student to school, please contact us as soon as possible as per the details on the contacts page, or at Vinnie@duncan-nz.com for more information.

Please consider sharing a sponsorship with a friend, or fundraising through your workplace, local school, or community.