We raise money through Direct Donations, and Money transfer is secure and guaranteed, and this way we can also keep track of how much money we raise, and keep you, the donor, informed. You can also use the same website to create your own fundraising page, with the proceeds going to ACE. The donate button below takes you to our page on the Give A Little  website where you can make your donation safely. You can also pay directly into a NZD or USD ACE Bank account. If you would prefer to do this, then please contact us.

All donations, or fundraising initiatives are hugely welcome. These go towards:


As a registered Not for Profit charity in New Zealand, ACE is required by law to file an annual return to the Charities Commission. The return date is December 31, and is available to the general public for perusal.

ACE  aims to keep administration costs in Arusha to an absolute minimum, and all cost and time outside of Arusha is  personally funded by those donating their time and services.

ACE became  a registered company in Tanzania in 2014, funded by an individual donor – this potentially enables several progressions in the operation of ACE, such as: