Mission Accomplished

Hi to all our fabulous donors for the project completed, and thank you so much for your generosity, support, best wishes, encouragement, and belief  in us !

Your contribution to our venture means we were able to attain our fundraising goal and a bit more, we cannot thank you enough, from not only Ben and myself, but also Mary, Blandina, and all the ACE students and community.

The support we had worldwide was phenomenal, and really counted when it was extremely hot, extremely hilly, and when Bluff seemed like a very long way away !


Having said that, it was an incredible journey, and a privilege to spend 22 riding days (plus 3 rest days) traversing heartland NZ and encountering some wonderful people. We live in a beautiful country and we feel very fortunate to  be able to complete the mission .


A few statistics for those who are interested:

Total kms:                           3001.9  (excl boat trips)

Total Hours cycling:         157


Av kms  per day                130.5

Av hours ride  per day    6.8         

Total Ascent:                      31500 metres ! (But the downhills were fun.)

Check our FB page for photos of our epic ride. We can never convey properly the magnitude of the scenery and landscape, or the generosity and friendliness of the people we met, nor the heat, rain, mud, and stunning swims when the heat was almost too much. Thank you all.

Again – thanks to all, especially Andy for dropping us at the start and also being there to meet us at the finish with all the necessary supplies ! And thankyou to all of you, who helped us achieve our goal of completing the mission, AND raising enough money to establish our reading and resource programme in Arusha.